Carbon Cube a Hit at Opening Party


The launch of the Carbon Cube at the LFA2010 opening party was a great success, with every generation getting involved and committing to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The Carbon Cube designed by Ramboll and constructed from KLH cross-laminated timber was created to represent the volume of timber (if a solid block) required to sequester the annual CO2 output of an average UK citizen.  The Cube, as a solid block, at 2.4m x 2.4m x 2.4m would store the equivalent of 10 tonnes of CO2, this is roughly the amount of CO2 emitted by the average UK citizen (figures based on a 2006 study by the Carbon Trust).

There was a great turnout for the opening party with 1,300 registered to attend, and everyone enjoying the installations, entertainment and ambience of the evening.

The Carbon Cube will be open for people to visit until the 4th July, so go along to the Building Centre on Store Street in London to make a pledge to reduce your carbon footprint and decorate a pledge cube to commemorate your commitment.

For more information on the Carbon Cube download the information sheets below, or to view more images of the opening party visit our Flickr page - Carbon Cube Opening Party