KLH UK and Waugh Thistleton help to shape the future of timber construction in Austria


On Wednesday 5th May Karl Heinz Weiss and Andrew Waugh of Waugh Thistleton Architects met with an Austrian delegation of politicians, planning officers and timber industry professionals, to discuss the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in high rise buildings and give them a guided tour of the world's tallest CLT residential development, Stadthaus at Murray Grove in London.

Although CLT is used extensively in Austria and throughout Europe, there are still planning restrictions in place that prevent architects designing buildings over 4 storeys.  In order to review the current regulations the delegation decided to take a tour of the best high rise CLT and engineered timber buildings in Europe.  As part of their tour they dropped in to London to see Stadthaus residential development in London, currently the world's tallest cross-laminated timber building.

Stadthaus, designed by Waugh Thistleton, and constructed from the first floor up solely from KLH cross-laminated timber, is an exemplar 9 storey building and was very much of interest to the planning officials from Austria.  Karl Heinz and Andrew discussed with them the planning regulations in England that allowed the building to be built, the research and development that Waugh Thistleton, KLH UK and Techniker (engineers for the building) undertook, the design process and the construction of the project.

The tour of Stadthaus was very successful and gave the delegation a lot to think about as they flew off to their next destination Berlin, Germany. 

Austrian delegation visit Murray Grove