'Secret Life of Buildings' Praises Kingsdale School


Kingsdale School was praised on Tom Dyckhoff's 'Secret Life of Buildings' programme for "significantly changing the behaviour of the pupils for the better" following dRMM's design and redevelopment of the school in 2006. The episode which explored the impact the design of buildings can have our lives, focused on the school and work environments.


Alex de Rijke, Director of dRMM was interviewed by Tom Dyckhoff and explained the design concept and rationale for the redevelopment of the school.  The net effect of the physical building on the students over the 5 year period since it was completed has seen a four fold increase in pupils achieving results of 5 GCSE's or above, and exclusions have come down from 280 to near zero.


Alex commented that 'buildings can be intellectually stimulating for students, have a calming effect and that a sense of pride can be instilled in all the users by a beautiful building".


To watch the episode, go to the Channel 4 website or click on the following link  The Secret Life of Buildings, Series 1, Episode 2 'Work'