Waugh Thistleton Win 'RIBA President's Award for Research' for Stadthaus, Murray Grove


The winners of the RIBA President's Awards for Research have been announced and Waugh Thistleton has won the 'Outstanding Professional Practice-located Research' award for Stadthaus.

The RIBA President's Awards for Research were established to reward and encourage outstanding research in architecture.

The research Waugh Thistleton undertook with Techniker and KLH UK explored and challenged the limits of cross-laminated timber construction, not only in the UK, but throughout the world.  Together the team designed and constructed the tallest cross-laminated timber building in the world with Stadthaus, Murray Grove.  This innovative and world leading project constructed entirely in timber from the first floor upwards is considered an exemplar by the entire timber industry.

The awards promote and champion high quality research and encourage its dissemination and incorporation into the knowledge base of the profession. 

Waugh Thistleton, Techniker and KLH UK felt that the promotion and dissemination of the research undertaken to enable the construction of Stadthaus, was essential to raise awareness of cross-laminated timber as a viable modern method of construction.  As a result 'A Process Revealed' was published in 2009 providing comprehensive information on the research undertaken, detailed design and construction process.  If you would like to purchase a copy of 'A Process Revealed' visit www.amazon.co.uk.  To find out more information on the project you can click on our project link in the 'See Also' section.

Congratulations to Waugh Thistleton and everyone involved in the project on winning the award!