'The Yard' Modern Art Oxford

dRMM redefined the existing ground floor facilities of Modern Art Oxford by designing 'The Yard', a new multi-use space for a flexible programme of films, performance events, installations and cafe bar. 

Modern Art Oxford's brief to promote access to and use of the gallery, was met by dRMM with the transformation of an existing delivery yard into a new type of gallery space for the UK, a 'storefront gallery' venue.  The new 5x15x5m ramped lobby is positioned as an installation work; not permanent, plastered or white, but carefully constructed from masssive KLH engineered cross-laminated timber and polycarbonate panels.  Artists will in turn react to and transform this entry space with an ongoing programme of exhibitis.

The Yard provides a new entrance and overall image for the museum on a more active street frontage.

'The Yard' Modern Art Oxford

Carbon Calculation

  • KLH cross-laminated timber volume for Modern Art Oxford is 27m3
  • KLH panels removed approximately 21.6 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • 5.3 tonnes of emitted CO2 from transporting the KLH panels from Austria to Oxford
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions from the transport therefore shows a 'nett gain' of 16.3 tonnes (CO2 removed from the atmosphere)


Ultimately, the timber superstructure for the Modern Art Oxford contains approximately 6.48 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon.

'The Yard' Modern Art Oxford

Project Details

Project Value:  Confidential

Project Dates:  2010

Services:  Supply and Erect

Timber Volume:  27m3

Build Period:  1 week

'The Yard' Modern Art Oxford

Design Team

Architect:  dRMM

Engineer:  Ridge and Partners

Contractor:  Knowles and Son

Artist:  Richard Woods

'The Yard' Modern Art Oxford