The Office

'The Office', a new single storey office designed by, and for David Grindley Architects was constructed from prefabricated KLH cross laminated timber panels, which have been left exposed internally.

David Grindley Architects provided KLH UK with the design templates and the panels were cut in our Austrian factory and then assembled on-site.

Paul Grindley stated that "People really enjoy the space and like being able to see what the building is actually made of, rather than only being able to see white-painted surfaces."

The Office

Carbon Calculation

  • KLH cross-laminated timber volume for The Office is 16.6m3
  • KLH panels removed approximately 156 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • 1.8 tonnes of emitted CO2 from transporting the KLH panels from Austria to Milton Keynes
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions from the transport therefore shows a 'nett gain' of 5.5 tonnes (CO2 removed from the atmosphere)


Ultimately, the timber superstructure for The Office contains approximately 4.0 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon.

The Office

Project Details

Project Value: Confidential

Project Dates: 2008

Services: Supply and Erect

Timber Volume: 16.6m3

Build Period: 2 days


Design Team

Architect: David Grindley Architects



2007 RIBA Ibstock Download Prize - Live Work Category