Red Lodge Primary School

The new primary school in Red Lodge, designed by Suffolk County Council architectural department, will replace the existing primary school in Tuddenham.  The new school will provide 315 primary places, with the ability to expand by an additional 105 places in the future.

The school has been designed with future flexibility in mind and the learning spaces can be adapted to suit the teaching needs and shared activity areas.

Sustainability was at the heart of the new school design, with the superstructure built in KLH cross-laminated timber, classrooms positioned to make the most of the natural sunlight, reducing lighting costs and a biomass boiler.




Red Lodge Primary School

Carbon Calculation

  • KLH cross-laminated timber volume for Red Lodge Primary School is 586m3
  • KLH panels removed approximately 468.8 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • 22.9 tonnes of emitted CO2 from transporting the KLH panels from Austria to Newmarket
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions from the transport therefore shows a 'nett gain' of 445.9 tonnes (CO2 removed from the atmosphere)


Ultimately, the timber superstructure for Red Lodge Primary School contains approximately 140.6 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon.

Red Lodge Primary School

Project Details

Project Value:  Confidential

Project Dates:  2011 - 2012

Services:  Supply and Erect

Timber Volume:  586m3

Build Period:  5.6 weeks


Design Team

Architect: Suffolk County Council

Timber Engineer: Engenuiti

Contractor:  Barnes Construction

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