25 Hurst Avenue

Championing a modern sustainable lifestyle, 25 Hurst Avenue, designed by Waugh Thistleton Architects and developed by BLISS, is a refreshing, original and distinctive development that sets a new standard.

Located on a tree-lined avenue in Highgate, the development is designed around the ethos of Moroccan Riad living, merging 'inside and outside' through sliding floor-to-ceiling glass walls and wide open aspects.

The accommodation provides a selection of connected 'lifestyle' spaces over three floors with a separate Garden Lodge, which has 400sqft of studio living space with large studio and en suite shower room.

25 Hurst Avenue

The development uses innovative construction methods and technologies, maintaining the highest level of sustainability.  The use of KLH cross-laminated timber allowed for a short and efficient build programme where the superstructure took six men just six days to build the development, with minimal noise and disruption to the local community.  To view a film of the construction process, click on www.blissspace.co.uk/latest.html

25 Hurst Avenue is a pioneering example of sustainable construction, the use of KLH timber for the superstructure meant that the panels used contained approximately 32.64 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon.

25 Hurst Avenue

Carbon Calculation

  • KLH cross-laminated timber volume for 25 Hurst Avenue is 136m3
  • KLH panels removed approximately 108.8 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • 5 tonnes of emitted CO2 from transporting the KLH panels from Austria to London
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions from the transport therefore shows a 'nett gain' of 103.8 tonnes (CO2 removed from the atmosphere)


Ultimately, the timber superstructure for 25 Hurst Avenue contains approximately 32.6 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon.

25 Hurst Avenue

Project Details

Project Value: £3,350,000

Project Dates: 2010 - 2011

Services: Supply and Erect

Timber Volume: 136m3

Build Period: 1 week

25 Hurst Avenue

Design Team

Architect: Waugh Thistleton

Structural Engineer: Evolve

Project Manager: ERM London

Developer: BLISS

25 Hurst Avenue