Alex Monroe Jewellery Boutique

Architect DSDHA has designed the new flagship boutique for exclusive jewellery designer Alex Monroe at 37 Snowsfield in London.

The building has been constructed from KLH cross-laminated timber, with the ground floor providing a showcase for Alex Monroe's jewellery collection.  The first, second and third floors provide workshop space and boardroom facilities.  The roof has been designed as a garden terrace with amazing views over SE1.

Alex Monroe Jewellery Boutique

Carbon Calculation

  • KLH cross-laminated timber volume for Alex Monroe Jewellery Boutique is 38m3
  • KLH panels removed approximately 30.4 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere
  • 3.3 tonnes of emitted CO2 from transporting the KLH panels from Austria to London
  • Offsetting the CO2 emissions from the transport therefore shows a 'nett gain' of 27.1 tonnes (CO2 removed from the atmosphere)


Ultimately, the timber superstructure for the Jewellery Boutique contains approximately 9.1 tonnes of sequestered/stored carbon


Alex Monroe Jewellery Boutique

Project Details

Project Value: Confidential

Project Dates: 2010 - 2011

Service: Supply and Erect

Timber Volume: 38m3

Build Period: 1 week


Design Team

Architect: DSDHA

Engineer: Structure Workshop

Contractor: Neilcott Construction