KLH cross-laminated timber is an innovative construction material, which can be used for all elements of a building's superstructure (wall, floor and roof).

All KLH timber is PEFC certified, with the raw material used to manufacture the panels coming from sustainably managed forests.  The adhesive used in the cross-lamination process is completely solvent and formaldehyde free ('o' class emission class).

Timber processing is a relatively low-tech, low-energy process, and KLH Massivholz has a zero-waste policy, whereby sawdust, shavings etc are reconstituted into biomass pellets and are used to heat/power the factory.

Solid timber construction is one of the simplest methods of achieving / contributing to low-carbon, carbon-neutral, or even carbon-negative construction.

KLH Massivholz is ISO14001 accredited.