An overview of the technical characteristics of KLH cross-laminated timber panels are:

The maximum length of panels we produce are length: 16.50m by width: 2.95m, for transportation in the UK we would recommend a maximum length of 13.50m.

Standard board thicknesses are between 57 - 300mm, but panels can be created up to 500mm if required.  The board layers can be between 3 - 9 layers.

The dimensional stability of panels is parallel to board : negligible movement; normal to board : 0.2 mm per % moisture change outside the standard 12% +/-2

The fire protection / charring rate of a KLH panel is 0.76 mm/min if several layers burn off and 0.67 mm/min if only the cover layer burns off.

The mass of a KLH timber panel is 480 to 500 kg/m3, therefore a typical wall panel @ 94mm is 45 to 50 kg/m2


For further information please download the 'Technical Characteristics' document below.  KLH UK has also produced a 'Cross-Laminated Timber Specification' report which is available on request.  If you would like to receive a copy, please email

KLH UK has created a U-Value Calculator, which allows you to calculate the heat transfer coefficiency of a KLH construction, click on this link to open the calculator

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