The following describes an overview of the technical characteristics of KLH cross-laminated timber panels:

The maximum dimensions of panels we produce are: 16.50m long and 2.95m wide, for transport reasons the typical length shipped to the UK will be 13.50m.

Standard panel thicknesses range between 60 - 320mm, but panels can be created up to 500mm thick if required.  The number of lamellae layers ranges between 3 - 9 layers.

The dimensional stability ( moisture) of panels in plane : negligible movement; out of plane : 0.24 mm per % moisture change outside the standard 12% +/-2

Reaction to fire : Euroclass D-s2, d0 for fire protection / charring rates please refer to KLH European Technical Assessment 06/0138 .

The mass of a KLH timber panel is 480 to 500 kg/m3, therefore a typical wall panel @ 100mm thickness is about 48 to 50 kg/m2

KLH UK has created a U-Value Calculator, which allows you to calculate the heat transfer coefficient of a KLH construction, click on this link to open the calculator

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