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KLH Massivholz GmbH presents its latest innovation: the extended component catalogue, which is now available online. The revision of the catalogue aims to offer users an even more targeted selection and an improved user experience. This is achieved by dividing the catalogue into two main sections that meet the needs of different users.

The first part of the catalogue contains a comprehensive collection of tested KLH® components. The diversity of these tested components in the existing catalogue offers a wide selection that covers specific requirements. The second part of the catalogue represents the new standard component catalogue, which focuses on the 32 most relevant components. This targeted selection facilitates decision-making and saves valuable time in construction planning.

The structure of the new standard component catalogue is divided into three main sections:
OVERVIEW TABLE: each component is presented in a clear table. This table provides a compact summary of the most important properties and allows a quick comparison between the components.
REFERENCES to tested components: this section displays references to similar, already tested components from the existing catalogue.
COMPONENTS: here you will find the components themselves. Each component is available in different versions: as a basic component with a visible surface, with plasterboard for fire protection and with three facing formworks to improve sound insulation.

The data sheets of the components provide comprehensive information on various aspects, such as fire protection, ecology, thermal and sound insulation. The new catalogue structure ensures that every user can quickly find the information they need and make informed decisions. With this comprehensive resource, architects, engineers and building experts can find the perfect solution for their projects.
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