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KLH holds the AITIM Quality Mark – SCA nº 31-01 for the Manufacture of Cross-Laminated Timber since 2007.

At present KLH is the only company that has our Quality Mark (SCA) for CLT – Fernando Peraza Sánchez, Technical Director of AITIM.

AITIM Quality Mark is a voluntary quality mark that it is a highly valued in Spain, being a benchmark in the structural wood products sector. The certification of structural wooden products through voluntary quality marks, in our particular case of cross-laminated timber, provide both the prescribers (architects, engineers, technical direction of the building, etc.) and the manufacturer himself a greater security as this mark requires an important and rigorous level of control based on the current European standard EN 16351 “Timber structures. Cross laminated timber. Requirements.”

The SCA of the “Manufacture of cross-Laminated Timber” involves periodic and external verifications of the controls of raw material (mainly sawn wood and adhesives) and of manufacturing (highlighting, in particular, the conditioning of the production and storage facilities and the gluing and pressing processes). It is also based in the verification and surveillance of the manufacturer’s internal control tests and the performance of surveillance of external tests of the manufacturer’s CLT samples in accredited laboratories.

Source: Fernando Peraza Sánchez,
Technical Director of AITIM




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