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The LOM tower has, from the very beginning, been planned and developed to be a tower suitable for everyone. The previous fibreglass climbing tower, which was located on the same spot adorned a typical shape resembling a large rock face. This was, however, challenging to climb and required constant supervision whilst in use. This led to the idea of building a new tower that was both sustainable and more accessible.

Høyt & Lavt and LINK arkitektur were commissioned to come up with a new concept. It was decided that the tower should be constructed from wood as this versatile material makes it easy to adjust the tower to meet individual needs. We wanted a robust design that was simple, quick to build, durable enough to withstand the strongest winds in all kinds of outdoor conditions, and could also be repeated many more times across Europe. The design ensures that climbers of all abilities can safely use the apparatus with minimal supervision. The climber simply connects their harness to a magnetic automatic safety line which runs above the climber. A climbing harness and safety helmet are the only equipment needed.

The climbing tower consists of six similar, 12-metrehigh, 200mm thick, 5-layer wall elements which form a star pattern. The platform on top of the walls spans 8 metres in diameter with a hole in the centre allowing access from the central stairwell below. Five of the six walls then continue another 1.2-1.8m further in height which act as fixing elements for the netted safety railing, with one of these fins stretching 4.7m above the platform. This fin stretches out with the tower base, and holds the equipment securing the jumpers.

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